Welcome to CODESEE

SEE THE CODE and share it !

What is CODESEE?

CODESEE is a website where one can share their code snippet globally.

How it works?

  • Enter the Title of your code snippet.
  • Paste your code snippet (Make sure that the code is indented properly before pasting it).
  • Choose your favourite theme (Background theme and syntax highlight).
  • Set Expiry date (On which date and time the code snippet should expire).
  • You can see the live preview of the code, how it will be looking globally to others
  • You can create it and it will navigate you to code page where you can see your actual code you have pasted.
  • Now you can share this URL where ever you want and you can see the raw data of the code.
  • On the expiry date and time the code snippet will be deleted.

Tools Used:

  • Server Side:
    • Python
    • Django
  • Client Side:
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Bootstarp3
    • Jquery
    • Highlightjs (For sytax highlighting)


Ajay Kumar

(Django Developer)